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Certified Professional Inspector

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Cost of Home Inspection Services

$399 +GST

1500 sq ft and Under

$449 +GST

2000 sq ft and Under

*Over 2000 sq ft negotiable

Description of Service

What is Inspected?

  • Exterior
  • Foundation
  • Roof
  • Structure
  • Attic
  • Observable Electrical
  • Observable Plumbing
  • Attached Decking
  • Attached Garages
  • HVAC (Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning)

What is Home Inspected for?

  • Damage
  • Moisture
  • Functionality
  • Structure
  • Conditions
  • Safety Concerns
  • Future Concerns
  • Potential Issues
  • Deterioration
  • And much more!
Mold and Radon Testing Available for Additional Charge.

The Report

One Last Look utilizes Horizon Home Inspection Report software from Carson Dunlop. It is the most advanced software reporting system currently available to home inspectors.

Each digital report contains photos of items requiring attention (taken by home inspector), color illustrations to assist in understanding (inserted by home inspector), and interactive content that assists in providing more detail on items that may not be familiar to the average home owner.

Reports are typically completed within 24 hours of completion of the home inspection.

Please CLICK sample report for details.

Sample Home Inspection Report

We will check all major appliances for potential recalls. Within 72 hours of inspection, if an affected unit is identified, you will receive a report that includes the nature of the recall, where the product was sold, and how to remedy the defect, including how to get he item repaired or replaced absolutely FREE. This will typically include phone number and hours of operation of who you need to call to for the recall.

$49.99 +GST

Other Services Provided

$149 +GST

$125 for each additional sample collection requested

Sample Radon
Inspection Report

click to download

In 2015, the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority stated that areas of Manitoba including Winnipeg have a higher levels of Radon Gas compared to other parts of Canada.

They further stated that at a minimum, one in ten homes in Winnipeg have unsafe levels of Radon.

Air Quality Inspection

$249 +GST
Includes 1 Control Sample &
1 Indoor Sample

$125 for each additional sample collection requested

Sample Air Quality Inspection Report

click to download

Homes up to 1,500 sq/ft
$599 + GST
($99 +GST for each additional 500 sq/ft)

Apartments up to 1,000 sq/ft
$499 + GST
($99 +GST for each additional 500 sq/ft)

Cars and Trucks
$299 + GST
($99 +GST if additional shock treatment required)

Scent Removal and Replacement

(5 Steps Process)

Step 1: Remove Cause of Noxious Odor.

Step 2: Remove or Protect any Vulnerable Items.

Step 3: Seal Environment to be Treated.

Step 4: Ozone Room Sanitizing Machine.

Step 5: Add Pleasant Odor.